Royal-T Tapas

Royal-T Tapas Food Truck in Orlando, FL

Follow our Vintage 1986 VW Kombi bus where we pack big bites into small plates providing you with flavors made for a royal palate. Our business is a LGBTQ, Bipoc & Women owned and operated mobile kitchen serving small savory bites and shaking-up Photo worthy Mocktails.

Goblin Market @ Tamale Co.


Royal-T Tapas

World-wide, you can find any culture with their own verison of Spanish Tapas. At Royal-T Tapas, thats exactly where we found our inspiration. We serve international tapas-style dishes packed with bold combinations of both flavor and originality. Our menus often rotate, and include both fan favorites and seasonal items, paired with zero-proof mocktails.

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Let's give a Warm welcome to our new Team members !

Jaden, Stephanie and Kaitlin have joined the Tapa Team! Make sure to say Hi when you see them !




Tapa Trials 2024 @ Rockpit Brewing

Every February  we celebrate our birthday and we would love for you to Join us when we Turn 2! Our 3rd Annual Tapa Trials will take place FRIDAY FEB 9th at Rockpit Brewing. We are celebrating by hosting a (TEN) Person Jose Sucio Eating Contest REGISTER HERE, along with a Six team single elimination Beer Pong Tournament. Sign Up here . Until then #ROLLWITHROYALT ! @ Orlando Parkinglot Party

Our menu rotates per event to keep you on your toes – Check out the items we are featuring each week on our instagram: @Royalttapas 

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